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Elementals is my second game ever to develop in a game jam

Elementals is a game about a character who in order to be one with nature, they have to gather the 4 elements of nature ( Fire, Water, Earth, Wood) represented as scrolls in the game. 

Once the scrolls are collected the player then gains the ability to use each of the elements and battle enemies with it. (only fire implemented "tab key")

Not implemented:

Player teleports to the realm of nature to fight bad people using the 4 elements as a weapon, Fireballs, Water attack, Healing (Wood), and Earth manipulation.

I hope if a designer and GoDot programmer is interested in the game idea they can help me with finishing it

Install instructions

Download "Elementals.rar" file

Create a Folder in your desired location

Extract "Elementals.rar" in the folder

Open .exe file and play


Elementals.rar 12 MB

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